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Podcast: Inner Journey


Above is the link to the podcast of my live radio interview on KX 93.5 with Greg Friedman on his program, Inner Journey. Greg and I had a great conversation about Zen, spiritual practice, the nature of blue sky mind, and living in blue sky mind. #livinginblueskymind #innerjourneywithgregfriedman

Interview on the Life on Purpose Podcast

I had a stimulating and fun conversation with Greg Berg on the Live on Purpose podcast.  Greg and I talked about my book, Living in Blue Sky Mind.  He asked me about my life experience and spiritual practice.  We discussed some fine points of practicing blue sky mind.  Listen to the podcast here.

The Life on Purpose podcast is also available on Stitcher and iTunes.

“Beautiful book.”

Newest Review

Do not be fooled by the number of pages! I received an advanced review copy of Living in Blue Sky Mind for purposes of endorsement and thought I could finish it in a few hours. The density of concept in each chapter, the reflection questions at the end of each passage, the moral quandaries posed in Diedrichs’s own childhood pulled the brakes on my intentions and compelled me frequently to put down the book and think more deeply about how Buddhist principles apply to my own life. At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Living in Blue Sky Mind reveals greater truths about regrets that haunt us all without offering a simple resolution. Instead, Diedrichs makes his reader work, just as Buddhism makes its practitioners do the work to achieve true serenity. Reading this book had a direct influence on my own daily decision making, making me feel like a good person but also a lighter person. Nothing can make the past go away, but Living in Blue Sky Mind can help reframe those haunting moments. A good primer for someone (me) with little to no Buddhist education.–Athena MacFarland, Eagle Rock, California