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Podcast: Inner Journey…/inner-journey-greg-friedman-guest-r…/

Above is the link to the podcast of my live radio interview on KX 93.5 with Greg Friedman on his program, Inner Journey. Greg and I had a great conversation about Zen, spiritual practice, the nature of blue sky mind, and living in blue sky mind. #livinginblueskymind #innerjourneywithgregfriedman

Future Primitive Podcast



Joanna Harcourt-Smith of Future Primitive Podcasts and I had a beautiful hour-long conversation. We talked about the book, Living in Blue Sky Mind, as well as blue sky mind, teaching children from the inner child, the way of Zen, being a Dharma grandpa, joyful life, and the artist’s role in living on the edge and delving into the darkness.

Here is the link to the podcast:  joy of a blue sky mind