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Living in Blue Sky Mind, Synopsis

   Living in Blue Sky Mind began as short talks that I gave to children and their parents at Daifukuji Zen Buddhist temple in Kona, Hawaii.  I had the idea of publishing the talks in a blog that I called, “I Can See Clearly Now.”  By the time I published about one hundred of the talks as posts, the blog had amassed nearly twelve thousand views.  I went to several publishers with my success, and MSI Press agreed to publish the collection as a book.
   Each short chapter in Living in Blue Sky Mind presents a Buddhist teaching, such as stopping or changing the ways we think, speak and act that bring so much anxiety, dissatisfaction and misery into our lives, and the lives of people around us.  By becoming more aware, caring, and wise, we actually begin living in blue sky mind.  Most of the chapters are infused with short stories from my own personal experience, as a child and adult, in which I realize a truth that helps to open my awareness, my mind, and my life.  At the end of each chapter, I provide several reflection questions that help focus and personalize the teaching.
   One early reader of the book said: “I thought it was a very enjoyable read. I have been interested in Buddhism for a while, but only in a general way. I’ve read books about Buddhism before but they would take me through the concepts, but not connect them to my life. This book covers the concepts but the author’s own personal memories help make those concepts more real and understandable. I also liked the fact that the author acknowledges that he sometimes falls down in living the words of Buddha, as we all do, yet to be truly aware is to “see life exactly as it is.”